Domestic Concrete Guttering

The concrete gutters on your property although very durable and strong will definitely after a period of time allow rainwater to seep into the structure of your brickwork. Do not wait for this to happen!

Often you will not notice the leak until a significant amount of rainwater has penetrated into your external walls. This causes staining and damage on the outside brickwork and often defaces the decoration on your inside walls.

Numerous home owners ave spent many fruitless hours trying DIY methods or have employed a local tradesman to attempt to stop the leak. The unsuccessful attempts to stop the gutters leaking have varied, some builders have tried lead, mastic, aqua seal. bitumen, aluminium foil, plastic liners, roof felt, fibreglass and one client even tried to cement plastic gutter inside the concrete gutter. Due to the expansion and contraction of these methods are always temporary.

The only permanent solution to the problem is to install a continuous impervious to the entire length of the gutter of your property. The lining is made of coated aluminium which is machine formed to the to the shape of your gutter.The first row of roof tiles must be removed and new felt installed wherever practical to the lower line to prevent rainwater getting behind the new lining. On a semi-detached property the lining can be sealed to the gutter at the boundary line of your property. this is the method the local councils use on their own houses and is the only permanent solution to the problem.