Modern Domestic Guttering

A1 Installations provide a wide range of seamless and cast aluminium gutters, supplied and installed in a range of colours, supplied and fitted by our fully trained and approved workforce.

Ogee Seamless aluminium guttering is a system where we put a coil of coated aluminium on a machine and run any length needed in one piece so has the advantage of only having joints where it meets a 90 degree corner. This guttering comes in sizes 100mm, 125mm and 150mm. 125mm being the most common. This guttering comes in a range of colours black, brown, white, cream, green and grey the coating has a life expectancy in excess of 30 years so will never have to be painted. We can also fit a leaf grid so you will also not have to clean it out.

We can connect the new guttering to your existing downpipes or supply and fit new aluminium pipes in various shapes, sizes and powder coated in any colour.

We also have the ability of creating a one piece aluminium valley in any length and width which is a good alternative to lead which will need to be stepped and can be expensive, felt, rubber and fibre glass which need to be joined and can be damaged by the sun, rats and general cleaning out.

Half-round Seamless Aluminium Guttering

Half-round seamless aluminium guttering is a new profile of seamless guttering to A1Installations as of 2019. It is a 150mm wide and has the same high capacity as our 125mm ogee profile seamless aluminium guttering. Half-round seamless guttering can be fitted using two bracket designs our standard exterior bracket and our top strap and wedge hidden brackets, the exterior brackets are used on more traditional buildings as they can be adapted for rafter feet and stakes and threads whereas the wedge and top strap brackets are used on more modern buildings as they give a cleaner less fussy look. Half round seamless guttering can also be fitted with a PVC leaf grid.

Half-round Seamless

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