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Guttering for Agricultural buildings

When doing work for farmers we understand the need to make your buildings as reliable and maintenance free as possible.

Valley and Parapet gutters made out of asbestos, metal, wood or concrete found on at-cost, Tyler or crendan type barns and sheds have always been difficult to stop leaking due to expansion, rust and the fact that most have sagged between the bays we fit these gutters with made to measure continuous aluminium gutter linings. In most cases we can just clean the guttering out and remove the bitumen from the joints then slide the liner in from one end using our scaffold platforms but if needs be we will remove eves fillers and roof or wall sheets in order to get the liner in. If access is difficult we my need to bring in a crane to hoist our machine up to the level of the gutter.It is the best solution for fixing these gutters as one piece of gutter with no joints means nothing can leak.

We can supply and fit 150mm seamless coated aluminium guttering to sheds, barns and chicken houses normally these buildings have plastic or asbestos gutters which have many joints which will need constance maintenance. We can fit one piece of guttering the entire length of the building.

We will be exhibiting at Lamma, Cereals, Drifield, Agri Exbo and Suffolk shows this year so come and see us. 

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